Smith & Nephew Dyonics Shaver System

Smith & Nephew Dyonics Shaver System

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 Smith & Nephew Dyonics Shaver System

Product Details:

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smith & Nephew


We are supplier of Used/Refurbished Dyonics shaver systems. The DYONICS POWER II Control System takes powered resection to a new level. It combines the most aggressive arthroscopic soft tissue resection mode and powerful torque for efficient bone resection with proven DYONICS shaver hand pieces and blades.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual hot ports enable simultaneous activation of shaver and power hand pieces.
  • Blade family auto-recognition quickly recalls preferred settings.
  • Footswitch can be operated in variable speed or on-off modes.
  • Provides flexibility to activate hand piece and footswitch controls during a procedure.


Power Up/Power Down Button

Initiates the power up/power down procedures.

LCD Touch/Display Screen

Displays system controls, system information, and procedure information.

Port A

Receptacle for hand piece or powered instrument.

Port B

Receptacle for hand piece or powered instrument.

Foot switch Connection Port

Receptacle for footswitch.